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This segment is a powerful journey of personal growth and empowerment. It recounts struggles with broken promises, financial hardships, and societal judgment, all while advocating for forgiveness and accountability. The speaker urges listeners to reject excuses, embrace responsibility, and pursue their goals with determination.

When it comes to money, there are three skills you must have in order to become wealthy. Most people know how to make money, and some know how to keep it, but very few have learned the skill to make money grow beyond trading hours for dollars. It starts with having the right mindset about money. This series will help you cultivate the tools to create income that doesn’t depend on your time clock.

Anybody can be successful, no matter how they define success. Just as there are laws that govern the movement of physical objects, there are laws that govern success. Just as the Law of Gravity works whether you know it is working or not, the Laws of Success can either work for you or against you… and the choice is yours which way it goes. In this introductory teaching from Destiny Global CEO Ken Brown, you will learn what those laws are, how they work, and how to align your life to work with them, so that you can enjoy success in every area of your life.

Carmen shares a powerful personal journey of her and Jackie’s marital struggle. Initially facing divorce, the Carmen took responsibility for change, applying lessons from business success to their marriage. Despite initial resistance, her commitment to personal growth and unwavering support eventually led to the healing of their relationship. The message emphasizes individual responsibility, unconditional commitment, and the transformative power of personal change in saving a struggling marriage.

Millions of people of go through their daily lives dragging an unsustainable amount of debt, believing that there is no other way to build the life they want, but always gripped with the fear that life could come crashing down at any minute.

There is another way, and you don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy it.

In fact, you can’t become wealthy until you make the mental shift Dani teaches in this series.

In this foundational training, you will learn how increase your value and results. Destiny Global CEO Ken Brown, explains how the Law of Value and the Law of Reaping and Sowing support each other and affect your life. You will learn how to implement these laws so you improve your success skills and create the life you want.

Money is just a tool – it’s not good or evil. The problems come from how we think about money that matters.

In this course, Dani teaches you the systems she learned for setting goals, establishing priorities, and directing time to the things that matter most. She also answers the work/life balance questions that frustrate so many people.


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