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Job Domination

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Patterns Of Success
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Are you trying — and failing — to find a job? Does each interview feel like playing the lottery… maybe this next one will be your lucky break? You know how the lottery works (AKA, it doesn’t). And neither does the normal way of writing your resume, approaching the interview and accepting job offers. Learn how to end the job search for good with Dani Johnson’s Job Domination!

Take the misery out of job hunting and become the person that everyone wants to hire and promote

For most people, nothing wounds their self-esteem like failing an interview or getting passed over for a promotion. While others seem to find work without trying. If you’re ready to permanently end your job search or quest for promotion, it’s time to experience Job Domination! Serial entrepreneur Dani Johnson reveals everything you ever wanted to know about advancing your career!

Equipping You to Make More, Keep More and Do More
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