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You KNOW what I’m talking about…

We all know that person (or people) on Facebook who post day and night about their business. Whether it’s a service or a product, they flood your Newsfeed with endless posts about how awesome this product or that service is. You hear all about why it works, why you need it, and how many lives it’s changed.

How many of us “unfriend” that person? How many of us block that person’s posts? How many of us look at the posts and then never – EVER – want to run into them at the grocery store?

How many of us don’t want to be “that person?”

Sadly, “those people” don’t have any training, or got substandard, watered-down sales training. In the 21st Century, people are pretty savvy and don’t like to be hounded or “sold to.” But, don’t let those people scare you off from starting a home-based business… especially an interpersonal marketing or direct sales business. I made MILLIONS of dollars in this industry.

There are SECRETS to closing sales without “selling,” and I’m sharing with you today. Let me ask you, where does money come from? It doesn’t grow on trees. It isn’t waiting at the end of a rainbow. It doesn’t fall out of the sky. Money comes from PEOPLE! So if you don’t put people first, you will not get their money.

When you lead with a product or service – whether in person, on the phone, or on social media, you’re positively screaming “I want your money!” They know you’re only after one thing, and they will avoid
you like the plague. They won’t trust you. They will pretend not to see you in the store.

People are loyal to people… not products, companies or websites. And they build trust through personal relationships. If you help people get what THEY want, you will get what YOU want.

Now, I’m not talking about manipulating people into liking you or your product. You want to create mutually-beneficial relationships, and you start by showing a genuine interest in them. Make people feel special and important. Ask them about themselves and listen when they speak. Smile and use their name.

Focus on their strengths, interests, goals, passions and needs. People get excited about whatever motivates them! Ask yourself: “How can I help this person succeed today?” – then do it. When you become a resource center pointing people toward a path leading to them what they want, you get what you want. And what they want may not be your product!

If your prospect talks about how stressed she is over her kids’ behavior, don’t try to sell her your weight loss product. Number one, you’ll probably insult her. And number two, you haven’t listened to or honored her needs.

Instead, point her to a resource that will help her with her immediate needs and guess what happens? When she puts those strategies into action and sees results, who will she seek out when she does want to lose weight? Who will come to mind, when her three friends want to lose weight?

Our digital world has left a giant gaping hole when it comes to personal relationships. Business follows relationship. The formula is that simple. If you focus your business around helping other people, your profits will sky-rocket.

Doing business with a “people first” mindset enhances your value and expands your influence. When you build relationships based on honor, integrity, honesty and authenticity, those things come back to you. Your business gets more referrals and builds a more loyal client base.

YOUR Action Step: Ask how you can help one person succeed today…then do it.

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