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You see it all over Facebook. Headlines like “Fire Your Boss”… “Tired of Feeling Trapped in your 9-5 Prison?”… “Reclaim Your Life!” 

This idea of business versus career damages your success – and the success of people around you. Time after time I hear from clients, building a new business on the side, who struggle to find motivation in their current 9-5. They find it a challenge just to get out of bed and give their best in their “day job.”

My first question… what’s wrong with having TWO income streams? And, secondly, how can you hate your job, hate your boss, hate the work you do, then suddenly turn around and become a PERFECT entrepreneur? Not gonna happen! Negativity and frustration and complaining WILL inevitably spill over into:

  • Your business
  • Your marriage
  • Your relationships with your kids
  • Your health

Our culture tells us if we aren’t happy, we should move on and do something else. Fox Business and “Forbes” have both published articles encouraging workers to leave “boring” or “dead-end” jobs. But listen, finding job satisfaction is not about the job, it’s about your mindset.

Your perception defines your reality. If you always focus on complaining, all you will see are more problems. If you look for satisfaction, you will find satisfaction. The same habits you practice working for another company will follow you into your own business.

The “perfect” job does not exist. Starting a business is not the answer or end for all your problems. Practice being the kind of employee you want working for you. Think and act as though you own the company you work for. Raise your value by finding needs and filling them. Work with diligence and excellence. Adopt an employee-preneur mindset!

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And, if you do pursue entrepreneurship full-time, leave your company honorably:

  • Give plenty of notice
  • Ask how you can ease the transition
  • Don’t leave any loose ends; find out exactly what you need to wrap-up before you go
  • Offer to work part-time or train the next employee
  • Talk to your boss and make sure there are no hard feelings

Your current place of employment is not the “enemy”… holding you hostage from your entrepreneurial dreams. It’s a blessing, providing you with an income stream. When you “fire your boss,” you burn bridges and destroy relationships. Be mindful – you reap what you sow. What you invest into any company you work for, will come back to you in your business… so invest WISELY!

YOUR Action Step: (This applies whether you’re an employee, a business owner, a stay-at-home-mom or anyone who interacts with other people). Find a positive attribute in something or someone you commonly complain about. Now, say it. Go tell your boss what he or she does well and how much you appreciate his/her leadership. Encourage your husband or wife. Talk to your friends about the positive impact your company has in the community. THAT’S how you sow honor and change your mindset.

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