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This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes new bosses make. In the previous point, we talked about how damaging the idea of “firing your boss” can be.

Don’t be the boss people WANT to fire.

People go into business for themselves, thinking it will solve all their problems. They don’t want to work for someone else. They want to do everything their OWN way. They want all the perks, like coming in late and delegating tedious tasks, without any of the hard work.

Long-term success is not in their future. As a leader, your attitude and performance sets the tone for your entire organization. So, if your priorities are:

  • “My way or the highway”
  • Raking in lots of money – with little or no effort
  • Piling all the hard stuff you don’t want to do, on others
  • Taking advantage of your position…

guess what the priorities of your people will be?!

YOU create the culture in your business. Your number one priority needs to be “How do I help people succeed?” That’s true for your clients AND your employees. So, what does that actually look like?

  1. Set the example. If you aren’t willing to do something yourself, don’t ask someone else to do it. If you aren’t willing to work hard, don’t expect someone else to work hard for you. The way you speak and act will determine how the people around you speak and act.
  2. Be an advocate. Stand behind your people and continue to sell them the vision, so they remain focused on the goal. When THEY succeed, you succeed. Speak positively and with encouragement… edify your team to bring out their best.
  3. Stay teachable. As a leader, you must be willing to listen – with an open mind. If you always need to be “right” or get in the last word, you’re brewing conflict in your workplace. Instead of focusing on what annoys you about your employees, figure out what you can change to inspire them.

When you go the extra mile, work diligently and with excellence, and cultivate genuine relationships, you create a culture with high morale and harmony.

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