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Track Your War On Debt Numbers:

  • How much fat did you find?
  • How much debt have you paid off?
  • How much did you give (tithe) this last month?
  • How much have you save/invested?

Track Your Sprouts:

  • Three in the morning
  • Three at night

Commit to one hour of pushing play each day and following the instructions in the videos for Understanding People:

Pick one other area to focus on and apply in Money, Business, Or Relationships.

  • Money – Debt Freedom; Money Reprogramming
  • Family – Living like a Hostage; Practical Family Solutions
  • Business – Building a Business; Building Rapport; Business Essentials
  • Time Management – Ruling your Time

Reflect on ourselves – get 1 or 2 people you trust to share your strengths and or weaknesses they see so you can get focus on your strengths as well as your blind spots.

After completing the above recommended content, go to this form to fill out your numbers, confirm that you have listened to the above and completed the workbooks, and recorded your sprouts. Add your top sprouts to the survey.

Submit your homework here

Homework will be due no later than Monday October 12, 2020 at Noon (12:00pm CT America/Chicago)

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