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Dallas Kohen

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Dallas, a professional coach with Destiny Global. I help women who have survived betrayal, trauma or abuse reclaim territory in their relationship with themselves. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

My Areas Of Expertise As A Coach


Global Impact:

A portion of the proceeds from my coaching practice helps those most desperate for the basics of life all around the world.

By hiring me as your coach, your money goes much further through my partnership with King's Ransom Foundation.

Success Stories:

Before working with Dallas I was struggling with my confidence and couldn’t say no. I was miserable at my job, was stuck under labels from my past, and even had a houseguest who had overstayed her welcome, but I couldn’t stand up for myself and had trouble making strong boundaries.

After working with Dallas I’ve been able to stand up for myself. I’ve given myself and others the correct labels, retired from that awful job, and even the houseguest moved out! I am becoming more comfortable in my own skin and being seen. I’m getting more done too – my first book is almost published; I’m earning my Pastoral credential and getting my PhD! - Sherryl James

Email Address:
[email protected]
Phone Number:
(813) 574-7086

Hello and welcome. I’m Dallas. Let me introduce myself.

What will you get from coaching with me?

Hey there! I'm Dallas Kohen, The Rebound Coach. I help high achieving women of faith who have lived through betrayal, abuse or trauma create new legacies in their relationship with themselves and others, and reclaim the parts of themselves that were lost along the way.

About me:

Dallas Kohen is a highly sought-after coach, empowerment speaker, consultant, author, minister and entertainer.  

Her background includes overcoming suicide, sexual abuse, adultery, and a marriage that threatened her life. Dallas has truly “rebounded” from these tragedies and uses the lessons learned to help others facing their own challenges to rebound and choose life for themselves in every area. 

As a Vision Implementation Strategist, Dallas comes along side visionaries of all sizes from large organizations to solopreneurs to bring their dreams to reality. She has served on several professional advisory boards and non-profit Boards of Directors. Known as The Marketplace Apostle, Dallas is especially skilled at clarifying vision, creating strategy, and building systems of implementation for first time endeavors. She founded Dream Factory Enterprises at just 18 years old, and has become the founder and CEO of a network of companies and ministries, including: Dream Factory Enterprises, Abundant Life Nutrition, Success Academy, Heaven Bound Ministries, and Redeeming the Time Life Coaching; and her present expression as Dallas Kohen, The Rebound Coach. 

One of Dallas’s specialties is to help women restore, recover and rebound by guiding them from the wishing and thinking stages of the life of their dreams to the manifestation stages. She does this through impartations of wisdom, inspiration, and specific instructions tailor made to transition a person from where they are to where they want to be by means of building up the individual. Dallas is a passionate coach who is completely dedicated to building up entrepreneurs, ministry leaders and individuals to reach their God given potential and fulfill every calling assigned to them from birth! 

As The Rebound Coach, Dallas brings real love, raw truth, and radical results. She began hosting transformational live events called Bridal Retreats in 2015. She has written 2 books: Goodbye or Go Through: How to Live Happily Ever After When Life Is No Fairytale, and the new Amazon bestseller I Choose Life: Rewrite Your Love Story & Change Your Legacy. Dallas creates sacred space for transformation by hosting her own live events, webinars and online courses in addition to being a featured speaker and workshop facilitator at other corporate, small business and faith-based events

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