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Hi friend! I’m Jen. I’m an Overcomer and I help people identify why they’re stuck, break free, figure out what they really want to do, and package what it looks like!


+ Pay off over 60k in debt in 4 years
+ Grow my business which doubled and then tripled
+ Start investing which is now over 5 figures
+ Dynamically change all my relationships
+ Go from working mid-level gigs to ones you’d recognize the name of! Hells Kitchen, Disney, Amazon, Bollywood & Chinese films, Youtube stars and so on!
+ Write and publish my book in 1 year, an amazon bestseller the week it released. Which raised $1k to rescue those form sex-trafficking
+ Help raise over $75K amidst COVID to rescue those from sex-trafficking
+ Birth and launch what I really wanted to do, The Overcomers movement. Which now helps connect those who are struggling with those who have overcome and found healing.
+ Get more aligned with my God, and aware of HIS timing and Voice than I’ve ever been.

A Message From Mr. Doe

I’ve gotten so much more CLARITY in my goals and how to better manage my time! I’ve had revelation after revelation about heart issues that were in my way. There’s more focus and sweetness in my marriage and quality time with my ids. And what I’ve seen happen to my business and it’s growth, what I paid to coach with Jen has already paid for itself, I was shocked!!” (Coaching client who is a wife and mom who was overwhelmed by juggling family and business).

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*Schedule FREE Discovery call for more info.

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