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Jackie, in this exclusive LifeMap lesson, addresses the often fearful perception of risk, emphasizing that humans are designed to take risks and that fear often magnifies the actual risk involved. He uses relatable examples such as driving, education, and relationships to illustrate how risks are inherently a part of life. Stressing the link between risk and potential reward, they highlight the importance of understanding one’s risk tolerance and considering the time it would take to replace lost money from investments. Jackie advocates for a more balanced approach to risk by evaluating worst-case scenarios and diversifying investments, aiming to empower individuals to manage risk rather than solely avoiding it.

There is a big difference between how the majority of people see obstacles in their lives and how successful people see them.

In this powerful course from Destiny Global trainer Carmen O’Quinn, you will learn how to approach the challenging circumstances in your life with a new perspective.

The principles in this course will help you identify where to start, so you can take action, overcome and achieve success!

Some people think wealth means money, but that’s a pretty shallow definition. You already know that it’s possible to be filthy rich and miserable, so money isn’t necessarily the answer.

Now that you’ve defined a vision for your life, we’re going to let the millionaire show you the roadblocks between you and your destination.

There are two things you must know before you start:

  • The reason you aren’t already enjoying wealth is because of the roadblocks in your way.
  • Most of the roadblocks are between your ears.

Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is how they think — no matter how they define success. We’re going to fix that now by exposing and rewriting the faulty programming in your mind.

Get ready to be challenged. No matter what vision you set for yourself, the road must go through this course next.

In this course, Ken and April Brown dive into the difference between forgiveness and trust. Learn how to operate in forgiveness and resolve conflict while setting boundaries for the relationship moving forward.

Anybody can be successful, no matter how they define success. Just as there are laws that govern the movement of physical objects, there are laws that govern success. Just as the Law of Gravity works whether you know it is working or not, the Laws of Success can either work for you or against you… and the choice is yours which way it goes. In this introductory teaching from Destiny Global CEO Ken Brown, you will learn what those laws are, how they work, and how to align your life to work with them, so that you can enjoy success in every area of your life.

Every day you are being influenced by the people around you. How you view yourself also impacts your results.

In this training taken from the bonus Next Gen event in Pensacola in July 2022, Carmen O’Quinn explains the impact your environment has on your future and whose opinion of you matters most.

The strategies in this course will help you redirect the trajectory of your life. You’ll be equipped to evaluate the influences around you and gain practical tools to answer who you are and where you belong….

In this foundational training, you will learn how increase your value and results. Destiny Global CEO Ken Brown, explains how the Law of Value and the Law of Reaping and Sowing support each other and affect your life. You will learn how to implement these laws so you improve your success skills and create the life you want.

In this course, Dani teaches you the systems she learned for setting goals, establishing priorities, and directing time to the things that matter most. She also answers the work/life balance questions that frustrate so many people.


Destiny Global Master Coach and Trainer, Carmen O’Quinn, discusses conquering personal obstacles and achieving ambitious goals. She introduces the concept of a “Mount Everest,” representing individual aspirations. Carmen shares her own struggle, highlighting repeated failures and her refusal to quit. Her weight loss journey becomes a metaphor for tenacity and determination.

Carmen’s turning point comes from a startling statistic, driving her to make a transformative change. She details her path to a healthier lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of vision, specific goals, and a supportive community.

Her message centers on embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. Carmen’s experience underscores the power of mindset, perseverance, and dedication. Ultimately, her narrative inspires others to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams with unwavering commitment.

Faith is critical for success in any area, but it is widely misunderstood.

So much of what holds us back from our dreams and goals is between our ears. The good news is that means it is totally within your power to change it with faith. The bad news is so many us misunderstand the power of faith and how it works, thinking it’s some kind of spooky, mystical weirdness.

In this Spiritual Equipping In The Marketplace, taped live in Atlanta, Georgia, Dani shows you the power of faith and how to activate it in every area of your life to get the results you want.

Dani reads from the ISR Hebrew translation of the Old Testament and the original Aramaic translation of the New Testament. When the clients are asked to read scripture verses, they use a variety of translations.

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