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This segment is a powerful journey of personal growth and empowerment. It recounts struggles with broken promises, financial hardships, and societal judgment, all while advocating for forgiveness and accountability. The speaker urges listeners to reject excuses, embrace responsibility, and pursue their goals with determination.

Jackie, in this exclusive LifeMap lesson, addresses the often fearful perception of risk, emphasizing that humans are designed to take risks and that fear often magnifies the actual risk involved. He uses relatable examples such as driving, education, and relationships to illustrate how risks are inherently a part of life. Stressing the link between risk and potential reward, they highlight the importance of understanding one’s risk tolerance and considering the time it would take to replace lost money from investments. Jackie advocates for a more balanced approach to risk by evaluating worst-case scenarios and diversifying investments, aiming to empower individuals to manage risk rather than solely avoiding it.

There is a big difference between how the majority of people see obstacles in their lives and how successful people see them.

In this powerful course from Destiny Global trainer Carmen O’Quinn, you will learn how to approach the challenging circumstances in your life with a new perspective.

The principles in this course will help you identify where to start, so you can take action, overcome and achieve success!

So much of how we experience life is based in our beliefs, so it is important that we manage them.

Your beliefs about yourself, your circumstances, and the people around you have a powerful effect on how you relate to them, especially if you allow them to form excuses that limit your actions.

In this powerful teaching from a live First Steps To Success seminar, Dani Johnson demonstrates the power of belief to shape your life.

In this course, Ken and April Brown dive into the difference between forgiveness and trust. Learn how to operate in forgiveness and resolve conflict while setting boundaries for the relationship moving forward.

Why start here?

If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll never know when you arrive.

Can I tell you a secret? This is the first major difference between the handful of people who become successful and the masses of people who never do. Successful people have a clearly-defined vision, purpose, and goals for all ten areas of their lives. As a result, their lives are fuller, richer, and more focused. That can be you.

You’re going to love the life you create for yourself. Let’s get started!

Every day you are being influenced by the people around you. How you view yourself also impacts your results.

In this training taken from the bonus Next Gen event in Pensacola in July 2022, Carmen O’Quinn explains the impact your environment has on your future and whose opinion of you matters most.

The strategies in this course will help you redirect the trajectory of your life. You’ll be equipped to evaluate the influences around you and gain practical tools to answer who you are and where you belong….

You get one chance to live your life, and what you do with it – whether you believe it or not – is entirely up to you. You are the only one who gets to decide how your life goes forward, but we submit ourselves to outside influences. Here’s how you get free from that thinking.

In this foundational training, you will learn how increase your value and results. Destiny Global CEO Ken Brown, explains how the Law of Value and the Law of Reaping and Sowing support each other and affect your life. You will learn how to implement these laws so you improve your success skills and create the life you want.

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